Thursday, April 17, 2008

1900 House

This has certainly been fun today. At the library I found a movie set called The 1900 House. I remembered someone, my mom I think, telling me about this long ago. I've never seen it so today I watched the first of the two-video set. Didn't take long until my D-man was watching it with me. It was great! He kept noticing and mentioning things like, "That wasn't until the 1900s? Grandpa was born in 1936! It was practically new for him?" Then I was able to tell him my grandmother had had a wringer for clothes. Even the things that were for sale earlier weren't necessarily affordable for the general public for years afterward and he was completely interested in seeing the changes. So was I.
Then we get into the discussion that my dad was born when his dad was over 50 and that his dad was born when HIS dad was over 50 also. Over 100 years of difference between grandfather and grandson. It shocked me when my aunt was last here for a visit; she told me stories from her grandmother that she had heard as a child about her grandmother hiding family valuables from the Union soldiers before they took over their house!

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Nissa said...

I loved that series on PBS. So educational and entertaining. It's wonderful when we can find wholesome watching for the family that even our kids like! My son liked it, too.