Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Dressed In White

I got this new software, Framing Station, quite awhile ago and have really hesitated downloading it onto my new computer. I got the Ultimate Combo Pack and I was worried that it would be too much for my work computer to have all my work junk and my personal junk and still keep the pace I need it to, to keep up with customers. So, I have waited for my old computer to get back from "the shop" (my brother's house). but since I know that that is never going to happen, I just gave up and loaded it onto my work computer. I am happy to report that it does not seem to take up too much memory and has not affected my systems functionality at all.

So, I finally got this framing software loaded on my system and I started to play with it. Now, I have played with many, many different products and I can tell you, this baby is easy stuff! It is point and click and very simple. That is one of it's best features in my mind, but also one of it's worst. It is great for a beginner. Super simple, easy to use and lots of options. However, for a more advance user, it may be just a bit too simple. It is very limited as to what you can do with your pictures within the program and the frame is the frame, there is no changing it at all. (I am one that likes to tweak everything!) However, the selection is to die for, with literally hundreds of different frames to choose from, you will never be lacking. It came with SO many different disks with SO many different packs on each. The first one I loaded had Weddings, It's A Girl, Happy Birthday, Pets and World's Greatest on it. That's just one of like 14 CD's!!! It's amazing how much there is!

But the coolest part is you can use the frames and your pictures to make custom photo gifts like mouse pads, mugs and lots more from their website. This will totally make for some easy Christmas shopping! Mouse Pad for Mom, Can cooler for Dad, mugs for the Grands. We are talking easy breezy!

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