Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Bookshelf Rises Again

This is so odd to me; I keep wanting to eat but I'm not at all hungry. I decided to just go get something from the kitchen anyway, maybe I just want the taste of something delicious. But nothing looks that appetizing and it ALL looks like too much trouble to bother making. I considered a buttered bagel but really don't want it, so once again I'm sitting at the computer wondering why I want to eat! This is ridiculous. I already know I won't have the bagel, guess I'll just wait until a particular food settles its image in my brain. I'm thinking salad, that's sounding better by the minute. Once I overcome my lazy inertia, I'll go get some. You know that verse in the Bible about the man too lazy to lift his handful of food from the bowl to his mouth? That's me!

Perhaps you Utah people know about the Bookshelf, I wrote about its closing a while ago. I got some incredible Going-Out-Of-Business deals on used books. It was rather sad, rumors of a death in the family, retirement, who really knows? AND THEN...
Yesterday when my friend S and I went to the teacher's supply store, what do we see across the street?! The Bookshelf, open for business, same huge canopy sign, books in the window, ready to go. I'm thrilled but confused. They had a big closing sale to move two blocks down and across the street?

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