Friday, April 4, 2008

How Is Asparagus To Be Cooked

My oldest (big A) bought asparagus, he knows he likes it but wasn't quite sure how to cook it. He asked me more than once to find out since I didn't really know for sure either. I told him I was pretty sure it needed to be steamed and that I think it takes a long time to cook.

So he fried some in butter. And loved it. So did the baby.

I think the reason he didn't save me any is because I never looked it up for him to be sure! Meanie.


Ellen said...

Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. I eat it all year long and I put it in my salads. I just steam it and then chill it. Then I cut it in small pieces and put in my green salad. It is soooooo good like that. I got this method several years ago and have really enjoyed it.

Savvy Mom said...

Steamed! I was right!
I thought frying them wouldn't work, that they'd still be hard and undercooked, but he thought they were perfect. I looked in the refrigerator and see we still have some left. They probably won't last too long so I'd better try cooking some too. I'll think I'll try both ways and compare.

Sunny daydreame said...

I cut off the big part of the stem and discard (It's too woody to eat IMO). Then I like to toss the tender parts in some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and garlic powder (or any other combo of spices) and broil until just warm. MMMM.

Asparagus is best when eaten fresh picked from the plant, but I'm waiting for a garden plot so I can establish the spring delicacy.