Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cheaper To Fly?!

My friend just took off for a vacation with some of her kids. If you're considering a vacation yourself now that spring is here (or almost, depending on where you are), you may want to check out these travel deals. They don't just have offers for the U.S., nor do they only offer exotic destinations, looks like pretty much anywhere you have in mind! At the beginning they offer you their specials, they have a lot "on sale".

I keep thinking I'm going to drive to Cali but with gas prices what they are, some of the travel deals offered are better than do-it-yourself driving. I find that highly annoying! I enjoy driving on trips but I don't like finding places to spend the night. Since I sold my RV, it's time to reconsider how I'll make my next trip. Isn't it true that DRIVING yourself used to be the way poor people (and adventurous people!) were able to visit family and tourist spots? It's barely even feasible anymore!

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Debt Free Revolution said...

We're looking into this ourselves. We live in Tennessee, and want to go to Florida to visit hubby's family after school lets out. Hubby's truck (big enough to take two adults and a teenager plus a big dog and assorted gear) only gets 25 mpg at the best, so we may end up looking into airplane tickets and finding someone to dogsit!