Monday, April 7, 2008

My Baby Boys Are Daddies!

Every once in a while I have to go into a little mini-panic at that thought!

Last night I called my daughter-in-law. I'm always afraid to call new parents, what if they were actually sneaking in some sleep? But I had to, I was hoping to hear the baby in the background squeaking or squealing, even screaming, I don't care! I want to hear my grandbaby boy!

Anyway, I have a pile of new baby things by my front door in a bag, waiting to be packaged and taken to the post office to mail. It's been there for TWO WEEKS! This is a loving grandmother? A loving mother? And my daughter-in-law Heather told me what she really needs and wants the most right now is a mobile for the baby's crib - that's what's sitting by my door among other things. How pathetic am I?

I'm off to the post office. Well, after a run to get the packing tape I forgot. In my defense, I'm in training for a new job, several stores were out of brown mailing paper, the grandbabies that are here have been horribly sick...even so. These gifts will go out today!

This so badly makes me want to go with the gifts, I want to see my boy and his new son. Two of my boys have boys of their own!!!!!! And one has a daughter as well! Where are my babies?

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