Friday, April 25, 2008

Scientific Principles At Work

Something else about those bathtubs, the walk-in ones I just posted about, I want to show D. It's the fact that the water pressure adds to the security of the door seal. We watched a Mythbuster show about a car going underwater and the occupants not being able to get the door open. They discovered that past a certain point, that's true. They could open the window but not open the door. I just think it's cool that this is used to make these tubs.
I considered something like this for the littles too, it sounds good for anyone. That's what got me started, I worried they would open the door and be thrilled with the resulting flood! But they shouldn't be able to. And I would be happy not to have to watch these tiny little people that have to climb out of a bathtub like the side is Mount Everest! Of course, that's assuming they'll wait and get out when they're supposed to - yeah, right! They don't want to be lifted out, naturally they're 'big' and can 'do it all by myself'. A door would be such a relief.
They're not going to be here this weekend, it will be a more relaxed weekend but I MISS THEM!

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Nessa said...

I have a bad knee and getting out of my claw foot tub is WORSE than MT Everest and i'm not so little. I can't wait to move cause i am soooooo getting one of these.