Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Work To Live, Is It All About Money?

I had a discussion with one of my boys about how frustrating it is to spend life working just to make money so that you can continue to live so that you can go to work to make money to ...

I'm not all that into money but I know it's almost the main point of life. No, I don't deep down believe that - I think our spiritual lives are more important but leaving our spirit untended won't kill us in this life, leaving our physical lives untended will. It puts what I consider way too much importance on the physical.

Over on Random Musings Of A Deranged Soul, Pisio seems to be feeling the same way. I like his idea of relaxation, going hiking. My favorite shoes are my hiking boots, my favorite childhood memories include hiking in the mountains. I also like the way he turned his feeling of hopelessness into a thank you for the soldiers that give him the opportunity to even be ABLE to complain and expect more out of life. Food for thought, whether you agree soldiers should be there or not. SOMEONE has fought in the past for us to have this comfortable present.

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