Friday, April 11, 2008


Long ago, I found out that Subway was a franchise. Apparently, you can own it yourself but get the famous name business. This site has so many offerings for franchises that if you have any interest in such a thing (and the $$ for it!), you most likely will find one you want to invest in.
I wanted to get involved in running a franchise but I just invest in Subway by buying all their subs! It's my favorite place to eat, it's what I use to reward my son, it's where I love to buy cookies. I didn't see Subway listed as a choice but there are so many in lots of categories. Someday if I HAVE a net worth and qualify, I may do this.
I'm going to go look again and see if there's anything available for eco-friendly businesses. Oh, also if there's something like Zany Brainy - wouldn't it be great to find a toy store with different offerings than every other generic store around? See, this is why I'm not the right kind to own or run a franchise, I'm interested in the kinds of places that have gone out of business! Other than Subway, of course.

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