Friday, April 25, 2008

Love In The Air?

The season is almost here, weddings, beautiful brides, handsome grooms; do you have someone getting married? Ever since my next to youngest came home with a girlfriend to introduce me to, told me they had both changed plans to attend the same college, acted all giddy and goofy around I looking at another one of my babies getting married? Honestly at first, I expected him to announce their plans to marry then. He didn't. She's a delightful girl, that's the word that comes to mind whenever I think of her or talk to her. But they're both so young!
Putting that together though with the weather, and the fact that they see his brother now happily married and with a new beautiful angel baby, I'm figuring I'd better start looking at bridal shower invitations and being prepared. I don't even know the protocol, my mother-in-law and my other son's wife's mother did the prep for the last wedding. This may be yet another benefit of having all boys, I don't have to do all the planning! But I am a woman after all, it might be fun, am I allowed in on it too?

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