Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bump The Pump

Gas prices are soaring and anyone that has a family is surely feeling the pinch. I know we are. My husband has started riding his bicycle to work to save on gas and I have definitely cut down on the running around I do. I thought I would list some great alternatives to driving around town in the huge Gas Guzzlers we drive nowadays.

  • Bicycles are a great option if your destination is close enough and you do not need to take the kids or you children are old enough to ride with you.
  • Walking to the corner store instead of driving will save you tons, not to mention it is healthy and fun!
  • Motor scooters are a great alternative to driving a vehicle as their gas consumption is significantly less than a full sized automobile and they are lots of fun. They come in all sorts of bright colors, I have even recently seen ones with pink and white stripes!
  • Golf Carts are a great option for running around town. They are making more and more that are "street legal" with safety belts and they run on battery power. They even have six and nine seaters. They are not as expensive as you would think either.
  • Motorcycles are a great option and if you have just a few kids a side car makes for a really fun ride. Just make sure you have helmets for everyone!
These are just some of my opinions and the options that I think are viable. You can make of them what you will but my favorites are still the bicycle as my kids love going on bike rides with me, even if it is just up to the corner store for a gallon of milk. And of course, walking! Walking is not only efficient, it is healthy, fun and perfect to bring along the kids. We love packing a picnic and walking to the park on a sunny afternoon.

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