Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Great Work at Home Opportunity

I have worked for Alpine Access for nearly two years now and I love it! They have a great rate of pay and great health and dental benefits. But the benefits of working from home make Alpine Access a no brainer for any mother! There were alot of commitments that I had to make such as unlimited long distance, dsl or cable Internet service, a corded telephone headset and the ability to have six hours a day of complete silence from my children. Some of those were very scary to me. I wasn't completely sure that I could do it! Especially the quiet kids. But I found out really quickly how to use the mute button and the kids were just fine to watch TV or play quietly while I worked and I got plenty of breaks so as to settle them down regularly and make lunches, snacks and tend to anything they needed.

I did have to make some sacrifices, like the hours were not exactly what I would have liked. But after time with the program, I became on of the "oldies" and there for was able to get exactly the shifts I wanted which allowed me to work early in the morning when the kids were asleep and a couple of hours at night when my husband was home to make dinner and keep an eye on the kids. It was a great decision that I made and one that I have still not regretted. And they are a great company to work for, I just love them!

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