Friday, July 27, 2007

Breakfast Is So Important

I know a lot of women that do not eat breakfast for one reason or another and for a very long time I was one of them. I would usually not eat anything until lunch time. This had nothing to do with weight loss, but simply I was too tired to fix me anything and I am not able, due to imbalances, able to eat cereal for breakfast, so it was just to much effort to eat. But then I noticed that I also had no energy and really did not accomplish anything until late afternoon.

Having talked to my doctor I learned that not eating breakfast caused an "energy low". My body was missing the important ingredients to produce energy. Sugars and Protein or muscle milk are the important factors in creating the energy that I needed to kick start my day. I had always ragged on my brothers for "juicing" with their protein shakes. Now I find myself drinking a protein shake every morning to kick start my morning.

Now I use straight protein powder, without extra additives that I get from a health food store. The taste of the protein powder is not great but it can be masked by the fruit I use. However, there are products on the market that are so good at masking the flavor of the protein that you can not even taste it.

Just remember that protein shake or full meal, it does not really matter. The important thing is making sure you get your energy in the morning!

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