Thursday, July 19, 2007

Saving for Your Child

Saving for my kids was a very difficult thing for me. I was a newly wed, we didn't have alot of money and we were struggling. Then a friend of mine told me how she does it. Anytime she gets any change she sorts through it quickly, takes out any change with her child's birth year on it and puts it into a special bank for him.

I thought that was such a cute idea that I started doing it. Well my son is now 11 years old and it was time, yet again to empty his bank so I decided to count it up. He has nearly $1000, just in change. It was a great feeling. No, it's not alot of money, but it is enough for him to have a down payment on a car or buy his book when he get to college. And it will continue to grow as he does.

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