Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting Rid of Ants

Every year, about this time I begin to have a problem with ants, right at my front door. The problem is that I have stucco and they crawl up and live underneath the stucco where I cannot get at them to kill them. I have resorted to methods, often times very messy methods, just to keep them out of my home. The best of which has been a thin line of salt along the doorway. I am not sure exactly why but this works as a great barrier to keep them from entering my home. However, with children and adults alike entering and exiting the house through the front door, salt was inevitably drug into my house.

Here are some great ideas to deal with fireants in your home. Ways to get rid of them and why they are there. Mine, luckily enough, are not fire ants, but instead the little black sugar ants. They are not dangerous, just a nuisance, but fire ants could be very dangerous to small children!

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