Thursday, July 5, 2007

SEE The Children

S: Stop Before you start driving, whether moving from a stop sign or pulling out of your driveway, Stop and take a moment to make sure everything around you is clear for you to proceed.
E: Educate Take the time to educate yourself about the surrounding area. Instead of looking just for cars, check the sidewalks. Are there any children on bicycles coming? Before you ever back out of your driveway, please, please, please take the time to walk all the way around your car. Make sure there are no children or toys behind you that you may not see out your back window. I promise, if behind the back corner bumper has become a child's hiding place, you are NOT going to see them without walking around your vehicle. Take the time and make the effort!
E: Eliminate Eliminate your risks. Take the time to have someone walk and then crawl around your vehicle. Determine the points at which you can no longer see them. Then eliminate those blind areas as best you can. Use mirrors and/or cameras, there are many, many options on the market for just such a purpose. If you cannot eliminate the risk zone, then be aware of it so you can pay closer attention to it.

With summer in full swing there are So many more children playing outside in residential areas and we, as drivers, need to be much, much more aware of them and do everything we can to keep them all safe, so when operating a vehicle in a residential area, use common sense and employ the SEE The Children mode of driving.

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