Monday, March 3, 2008

Don't Have To Be In Utah For This...

My friend talked me into something today, she didn't have to try very hard. It doesn't matter where you live, doesn't matter how many littles you have at home, married or not, this is something we should all do:


It was wonderful, marvelous, so relaxing, so indulgent! This was my first "professional" massage. I've had plenty of massages before; my mother, my friend, my husband (at that time), my boys have all done my back and I've done theirs in return. The boys really didn't often massage my back, i taught them to walk on my neck and back. Now the last one is too heavy but I'm working on training the grandbabies! They have to learn to balance, where to step, that they may NOT jump, drop onto their little is the time to teach them because when they jump or just drop suddenly, right now it doesn't matter, they don't weigh much. That also means they don't weigh enough to really feel them up there on my back but that was my excuse for such decadent indulgence today!!

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