Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Things They Remember

This weekend, my little granddaughter (little A) went with her mother and some of that family to the Disney Princess Ice Capades! I'm sure this will be a thrill for her and I'm happy she gets to go. When I discussed it with my oldest son (Big A), he said he remembers when I took him and his brothers to Disney On Ice; he still remembers that and it was about 20 years ago! So I'm very happy for my little A to have this chance, her mom watches out for ways to pet, pamper, and spoil her which is the proper thing to do! :-)
The funny thing about my son remembering is his main memory is of the cups we bought our snow cones in, he can still describe them. And so I reached up into a cabinet and pulled down...THE CUPS! I had just found them in storage and run them through the dishwasher that morning. He just smiled.

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