Sunday, March 23, 2008


When I first moved in with my son, I found he had an old down comforter to sleep under but it was completely falling apart. When I shopped, I always had an eye out for a better blanket for him but didn't buy one because I knew I had blankets in storage. Yes, I found a couple, he uses one but what he really wants is a down comforter again.

This site looks great! They offer mattress toppers and whatever else you might need here - and there are definitely a few things I "need"! Not only do they have the comforters, they have pillows and everything else. Little A sleeps with me at night and keeps snatching my pillow instead of using her little one. If she insists (in her sleep) on a big pillow, she can have mine and I'll get me a nice, new, fluffy one!

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