Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Old Homestead

Right now, I'm renting a townhouse, not living in my own home. All my boys want me to find a way to buy back our old home up in the mountains, it's where they grew up and would like their children to either grow up there or be able to visit.

The last house I owned was a cheap little temporary place, I had no insurance on it, bought it outright, wasn't too worried about it. But when I choose where I plan to "live out my days", and especially if I manage to regain ownership of the "old homestead", I want mortgage life insurance on it. I just want to make sure the boys can keep it if I die. It's a really nice place, or was, near a river where the grandchildren can swing on rope swings and drop into the water, plant a large enough garden and/or keep animals to supply food for them all, go across the road up to hike and camp in the mountains.

Why am I worrying about the grandkids, I want to go back myself!

Really, this is something I think about a lot, my parents are STILL helping me and my siblings if we ever have any needs. Because of their example, I want my own angels to be able to count on me the same way. It's harder for me to care about money and material things, I just don't really. As long as I remember to focus on having money for my boys and their small precious ones, it's different. Besides, aren't we to help the poor and needy, the widows and orphans? I can't do that if I neglect everything financial. Also I DO NOT want to be a financial burden on anyone. Ever. Old or not.

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Organized Mom said...

It sounds like you are a single mom ... I own my first home here in Canada and owning your home is such a wonderful feeling. I found a older home in a good neighbourhood and every month I I replace something, last year I did the windows all one each month ... Just make sure you find a home you can afford even if interest rates go up :-)

Good luck :-)