Monday, March 3, 2008

On The Way To Cali

California, that is. My newest grandbaby, a boy, was due Leap Year Day! He still isn't here though, he's holding on so he can have a birthday more than once every four years! I'll be going out there soon i hope. It's about a 12-14 hour drive i believe so I'll probably want to stop for the night. Where am I considering? Some little roadside motel in the desert? NOT! This will be a celebration trip and what better place than LAS VEGAS?! I don't gamble but that is so unimportant, there is so much going on there. Day or night, doesn't matter a bit. So far, every time i've gone through Vegas, I and whoever I was traveling with would wander around and explore the sights and shows, find a good restaurant, and then...go sleep in the camper in the parking lot!

Well, not this time. Las Vegas has some incredible places to stay and they don't always charge exorbitantly for staying - they know they'll get your money from gambling or shows! I'm looking into hotels in Las Vegas and prefer to book with a place that specializes in Las Vegas. I can't check the dates yet because the baby hasn't made his grand entrance (exit!?) quite yet. As a matter of fact, I think I'll go call my son right now!

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