Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Won! I Won!

On Ebay, I got what i wanted! That really doesn't count as winning since I had to pay, but I SO wanted to be sure I got this book series I bid on. It cost way too much but still less than any other way I could have gotten these books so it feels like a win to me! It's a kids' historical fiction series I plan to use for ds's history. History is the big problem here, he totally hates it but reading historical fiction seems to be helping a bit. I like it too, it gives atmosphere to the period and helps me follow the story of history so I can help him do the same.

There are entire curricula based on learning other subjects through literature: Sonlight, Beautiful Feet, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, others. Ds hates to read and hates history so I didn't consider these before. And now I'm just making my own, we'll see how well that goes. Kind of like reinventing the wheel I guess, but I never expected this to be the way that would work. Part of being a mother, isn't it, having to change your mind and methods all the time as the kids change?

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