Friday, March 28, 2008

Safe Baths, Pretty Baths

Aha! I'm living in a rental now, but when the littles come over, I always remember that when the boys were still small, not yet daddies to their own kids, we always had the kind of shower head that could be pulled down off the wall to wash them with. The faucets had to be the right kind too so they couldn't accidentally get burned or suddenly turn on the shower. I'm looking for some of these features now that I can use even in a rental, I know there has to be something. Even if not, I'll probably try to buy a home soon and will need to be prepared to make it my own - decorated from the largest things to the smallest.

So many years I spent with a very practical home, five boys, a husband who rough-housed with them, decorating was not just low priority, it wasn't on the list. That will soon change! I can shop with the words "pretty" and "gorgeous" in mind.

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renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

yes... and thankfully now there are many PRETTY AND PRAGMATIC options available! plus with the internet, you can find all SORTS of options!!!

i'm all for beautiful design on a dime! :-)