Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Utah Idaho Supply store

This is not a safe place for me to be - they have books, they have school supplies, they have educational toys for little angels. I spent so much money the other day, now I have to go be embarrassed and return some of it. I really didn't need all that! It's just so hard not to buy all these things that will be 'just perfect' for whatever crosses my mind at the time.

I bought felt dolls and outfits for little A; she always loves to do the dress up games on the computer but I'm not comfortable with that. Anyway, I just wanted a simple set but ended up spending $20 because I had to buy one large set just to get a doll, then I had no choice but to buy the special princess dresses set - that was the whole point after all.
Then I bought an overly expensive toy food set - little K can make sandwiches to feed the big stuffed alligator. I like that better than him feeding toy men to it!
And THEN...yes, even more. I bought history workbooks, the whole reason I was shopping was to get a time line, I found it almost right away, then decided this whole set of books would be better because they included a pull out time line in each book. Now I have to spread all the history paraphernalia on the table and choose what I'm really going to use and return the rest. I think I wish I had gotten the time line. But the...see what I mean? My deadline is tonight to decide. Unfortunately, I'm the one who made the deadline and nothing will happen if I don't meet it! Maybe I'll ground myself - yeah, that would work! No bookstores for two weeks if I don't get this done tonight.
I bought a few other things as well, what can I say? I LOVE this place!

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