Sunday, March 23, 2008

Outdoor Days Are Here

So far, the most we've done about being outside enjoying nature is let the littles play in the front yard. Pathetic, isn't it? Yesterday, I mentioned to Big A that I would like to take everyone up to the mountains for a hike and a mini-campout. We'd bring the tent just because I like tents. I planned on building a fire to cook over but I'm not sure that's really allowed, it depends on where we go.

All my neighbors have grills out on their back porches or in the back yard. Then tonight, I was at my friend's house and her husband was making shishkabobs on the grill. Makes me want to eat something cooked outdoors - notice that I didn't say I want to cook outdoors. I think all these people should quit tempting neighbors by using a grill cover so I don't have to feel guilty for not making an honest effort at special meals. It seems like such a pain but smells and tastes SO GOOD to have a meal grilled outdoors. But mostly from childhood, what I remember is that it takes so long! We kids were always inside looking for something to eat until it was finally ready.

Gotta go close my windows, someone's out there grilling - I can smell it!!!

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