Friday, March 28, 2008

My New Saying

Over on the site Platinum Pearls , there's a an ad with a quote in it that I'm going to use from now on - You're Not Getting Gray, You're Going Platinum. I like it!

Maybe it's not new, maybe it's from some old commercial, whatever, it's MINE.

No one likes to see my hair gray, I figure I'm a grandma now, I can be gray if I want to. I did dye my hair though when my youngest was still little because of what he said. He kept coming in to lie down with me and pulling out strands of hair, I didn't know why, I would yell at him, make him leave, pull one of his out, nothing worked. He finally cried and admitted he was trying to keep me from dying of old age! Poor baby!

Now that he's old enough to understand that I'm nowhere near old enough to die of old age and couldn't care less about my looks- everyone else minds! But now I have my new line to quote!

Platinum Pearl guy also talked about woodworking which I enjoy. It reminded me of when I carved a little bunny for my oldest when he was a baby. I want to do it again but all my tools are long gone.

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