Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flower Halloween Costume

My little girl wore this costume last year and she loved it because it wasn't bulky or overdone. Just simple and cute. I loved it because it was SO easy to make.

I took a regular, inexpensive headband and wrapped it in green felt. Then I cut 14 flower petals out of pink felt. I then cut 7 pieces of wire, twice the length of the petals and bent them into the shape of the petals. I then glued two petals together with the wire between them to help them stand up straight. Then I glue each completed petal to the headband. Once on the headband I used gold glitter glue to add decoration to the center of each petal.

I dressed my little gal in all green and put her headband on and she was the prettiest little flower I have ever seen.

*We also teased her, saying that she was a weed everytime she took off her headband. She would yell back, "I are not a weed!" It was very cute.

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