Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Have You Lost Touch With?

I have two really great friends from elementary school that I would love to get back in touch with, unfortunately, I have no idea where they have gone or what they are doing now.

One is Tiffany, she lived with her family in a mountain town just east of where I now live, however she moved on and started going to another school and we slowly lost touch. I was in the super market once and I saw her mother. We talked and I found out that she was going to Hawaii, I believe for a cheerleading competition. I gave her mother my address and phone number and asked her to give it to Tiffany. She either did and Tiffany decided that she did not want to contact me or her mother forgot. Either way, I never heard back from her.

The other is Jessica, my best friend from the time Tiffany left until I moved into public school in the 5th grade. We spent every possible minute together. I remember there was a little house or shed type thing behind her house that we would play in. It was dirty and run down but it was our own place to play alone and quiet.

Well, now here I am, 20 some odd years later, wishing I had kept in touch with them better. Luckily there are things on the internet such as people search engines that allow you to search for people you knew or people you want to get to know.

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