Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting Organized

I have started to get more organized by making daily schedules for my children. I have laminated them so the kids are able to use a dry erase marker to mark off what they have done. It helps them keep on track to get ready for school in the morning and to get their homework done at night. Their Schedules look something like this.

Morning Checklist
 7:30am Wake-up
Brush Teeth
Make Bed
 7:35am Eat Breakfast
 7:50am Shower
 8:15am Get Dressed
 8:25am Gather Stuff For School
Get Coat, Hat and Mittens On
 8:30am Leave For School

After School Checklist
 3:45pm Home
 3:55pm Homework
Extra Practice
 5:00pm Play
 6:00pm Dinner
 7:00pm Housework
 7:30pm Brush Teeth
Get Pajamas On
 8:00pm Bedtime

Wednesday  5:30pm Housework
 7:00pm Scouts
 8:00pm Brush Teeth, Pajamas
 8:15pm Bed

I take into account the fact that five children cannot shower at the same time so I alternate that throughout the morning and the child next in line is great about keeping the showering one to their time limit because they know that they may miss breakfast or something else important if the first child in the shower takes too long. I also take into consideration each child's extra curricular activities and adjust the schedule for that day to include everything.

This has worked really well in allowing my children the freedom from me hustling them all morning and all night and allowing them to have some independence and be responsible for their own time, while I am still able to provide them with the guidance they still need.

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