Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love Designer Jewelry

I am a sucker for fine jewelry and I can always tell a knock off when I see one. So when I saw this site I was amazed! They have an amazing selection of fine designer jewelry with some of the most beautiful designed I have ever seen. I am a typical woman and I love diamond as much as anyone else but put diamonds with white gold and it make for an amazingly stunning design. Take a look at their Calla Lily Diamonds line. I love the shimmer and shine involved when you combine the white diamonds and white gold. Then once you get it on your hand it just stands out and begs to be seen.

If you love designer jewelry as much as I do then you have got to check out this site, but if I were you I would leave your credit card with your husband, 'cause you are gonna want to use it! Trust me!

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