Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Plan For My 11 Going On 16 Year Old

My oldest it only 4 and 1/2 years away from driving and I am scared to death so I formulated a plan. A plan that has many loopholes I understand, but at least I have a plan. We started out last year looking for a very old beat-up car or truck for him to begin restoring and it was not until two days ago that we hit the jackpot. My grandmother had a 1954 Dodge Pick-Up truck just sitting on her property that her father had left her. This truck has not even been registered since January of 1979 so it has sat a long time in the field.

Everyone has asked for it and up until this point I had never heard her say that anyone could have it. She has been very protective of it and very intent on getting it restored. So I approached her about letting Clayton, Lee and I take a shot at getting it restored for Clayton to drive when he turns 16. She agreed! So tonight we took to opportunity and pulled it out so we could get it out of the weather and start working on it immediately.

Once we pulled it out of the weeds I was impressed to find out what great shape it really is in. There is minimal rust and the drive train works fine. We have not even attempted to start it although it ran when it was parked nearly 30 years ago. Once we kill the wasps off, drain and replace the oil, we might just have a go at firing her up.

Clayton is busting at the seams with excitement. Not only is this an old truck, but it is also a family heirloom. My plan has strengthened one hundred fold. The truck will be the fruit of his labor and a wonderful show truck when finished, but more importantly, a family heirloom that he will treasure, hopefully enough not to hot rod and destroy.

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