Saturday, October 6, 2007

How Do You Sleep?

For some reason lately, I have been having a very difficult time sleeping and I am finding my bed to be more and more uncomfortable. I wonder if I am changing, getting older maybe? (Not me! I'll never get old!) Or if the bed is just wearing out. My husband is not noticing a difference so I think it is probably just me.

Either way, I am starting to think that it is time to buy a new bed anyway. Not just a mattress set, I need a new bed. I have just a cheap canopy bed and my children have taken to hanging on it until the cross beams are bent and now my husband and I just hang our clothes on it and never in the closet anymore. Yep, definitely time for a new bed. I have seen some that I really like, like the modern platform beds, but I think I would have to have a much larger room for something like that so I may just go with a sleigh bed. I really like some of those. Either way, I get to go shopping! Yipee!

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