Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wonderful Vacation to San Antonio TX

This is exciting for me to write as I have not yet had the opportunity to take this little adventure, but am planning it as our next family vacation. I have a very dear friend that told me about a place in San Antonio Texas called the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch where you can drive through the refuge with a bag of feed and your windows down, or the minivan doors open and the animals will come right up to your vehicle to eat from your hand. Animals like white rhinos, antelope, zebra, wallabies, ostriches and many other exotic animals will come right up to see you! It sounds like an experience to amazing to pass up!

Then when it is time to strech your legs you can park and wander through the walk-about area where many animals including giraffes, lemurs and talkative macaws await your arrival. Young ones or the young at heart are sure to love the petting zoo where you can find rabbits, African guinea pigs and small sheep. They have a cafe and picnic tables to stop and eat before continuing on to your next destination.

Add the River Walk in downtown San Antonio and you have an amazing adventure. I can't wait to get my kids out there. And me too!

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