Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Go Plasma or Not To Go Plasma

I am a huge fan of my plasma monitor that I use for my computer, however, I still use the nice old style televisions. I have looked into getting us a big screen plasma television, however, I am having a hard time finding a place to put it. I love that there is almost no depth to them at all, but I hate that they have to be hung on the wall. I am too used to having the freestanding televisions that will sit happily on the floor like normal.

Well, as plasma televisions become more and more prominent in regular households, I am forced more and more to consider the different options available to me. I began looking at some interesting things like a plasma tv lift, some of which can even be put at the foot of your bed and the television comes right up and out of the cabinet. I think I am one that would like something like that better than hanging a $3000 television on my wall like a picture.

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