Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Cats Are Worse Than My Kids

I don't know what it is about cats that causes them to think that any and all rules do not apply to them but my cats are the worst! They play where they want, sleep where they want, expect us to let them in and out on a whim and play with them or be bit in protest. They poop and pee where ever they feel like and eat anything that appeals to them.

My poor husband is so frustrated with them because they keep sleeping on top of his models and legos, knocking them off the shelves, breaking them and chewing on them when they look tasty.

My living room is not safe either! They claw at the couch, knock over the table lamp, pee and poop in the corners and chew on he throw pillows. I have half a mind to banish them from the house completely.

Fortunately for them, I was reading online today that cats that are feeling lonely will act out in an attempt to get attention, just like small children. So I am going to give loving on them more often a try but geez! They are worse than my children!!!

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