Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where Can Your Job Take You?

Where can your current job take you? Mine takes me all over the world. I love it! I work for Continental Airlines, from home and while the pay is not the greatest at $6.89 per hour, but they offer good commissions and incentives and the benefits are amazing! I can fly my family anywhere in the world for a reasonable amount of money, okay for a ridiculously small amount of money. They offer the ability to trade away parts of your shift to allow for extended vacations, health, dental and vision benefits as well as the ability to work from home. But most of all, the best thing about my job is the flight benefits. I can take my son to Chicago to see Sue, the world's largest Tyrannosaurs Rex, or I could fly down to Ohio, buy myself some Ohio State Buckeyes tickets and watch the Buckeyes play a football game on their home field. I could take Clayton to Germany to get a feel for the environment to help him along with his Country project. There are just so many opportunities that this job offers me.

Where does your job take you again???

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