Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hannah Montana is Coming To SLC

If you have a Daughter, this is really not a huge surprise. Everyone with a young daughter probably already knows about this and has been begged for tickets to the sold out show that are now being scalped for upwards of $1000. Well the good news is there is a small glimmer of hope for those of you who are not interested in paying $500 for a place for your hinny to sit through a 3 hour concert. Many, many radio stations and businesses have jumped aboard the Miley Cyrus "Hannah Montana" wagon train and are offering contests to their listeners and customers.

Here are a few that I know of:
Cricket Stores
101.5 The Eagle
And Automatic Car Credit on Main Street in Layton.

Go to their websites or into their stores and register to win. I might just see you there! I have 2 little 8 year olds bursting at the seams!

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