Monday, August 13, 2007

Baptism Gifts

In our family, finding the right Baptism Gift is a difficult task as my husbands family has their routine down to a science. Great Grandma gets the child a triple combination with their name on the front. Grandma and Grandpa get them the matching Hymn book. And the parents are supposed to get them the matching Bible. Kim gets them a journal and Mindy, a scripture carrier. With all that out of the way, it is easy for my family to get the boys their new Cub Scout shirt, neckerchief, slide and book.

However, what do you get the girls? I have found that as little girls, the best gift you could ever get them is jewelry. They love it. And a nice jewelry box to go with it is absolutely perfect. So my family will have to settle on jewelry and jewelry boxes for the girls. I only have two more to go!

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