Thursday, August 30, 2007

Is Everyone Back to School Now?

Well I hope that everyone made it through getting your kids back to school without needing too strong a headache treatment. I know mine is not terribly mild. But now my kids are back in school and we are starting to get into a great routine.

One thing that has made the school mornings a lot easier for us has been this cute and easy craft. I bought 7 sheets of stiffened felt. Since I needed 4 sets I cute each sheet into four identical pieces. Just like the picture. Then I Cut off the corners to make it look like a tag and with a blade, I cut an "X" at the top so it would easily slide down over a hanger. After that I used puffy paint to write Monday on Red, Tuesday on Orange, Wednesday on Yellow, Thursday on Green, Friday on Blue, Saturday on Purple and Sunday on the White tags. Once they were dry, they were ready to use.

Then for their socks and underwear I let them each pick out a bandanna that they liked and cut it into 8 pieces.

Then fold each piece in half, at the dotted line and sew it inside out at the zigzag lines.

Then I sewed on a key ring to use to hang it on the hanger as well.

Then on Sunday, right after church, the kids come home, change into play clothes and start picking out their outfits for the coming week. They hang their pants over the hanger and put the shirt on over it. Put a pair of socks and a pair of underwear in each bag and hang it over the hanger and then put on the tag for that day.

They know they need play clothes for Sunday and Saturday and school clothes for Monday through Friday. If a holiday happens to fall within the week then I will have to let them know. But for us this has saved us the morning rituals of not knowing what to wear, lost socks or all the pants are dirty. We know on Sunday if there is something missing and wash it right away. Our mornings go much smoother.

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