Thursday, August 9, 2007

Family Pictures

When was the last time you took your family out for a family portrait? For me, it happened to be just this year, however, it is not something I do often. Not because I don't want a lovely picture of my whole family to hang above the mantle, but because I want a lovely picture of my family to hang above the mantle.

This is simple not possible with my family. I have 5 young children, none of whom appreciate being bathed, dressed-up and having their hair combed all in one day. Let alone stuffed in the car, threatened to within an inch of their lives if they mess up their hair or anyone else's, shuttled to the photography studio just to wait 30 minutes while the photographer tries to figure out what to do with the scream child he is currently working with and which will be my youngest child within minutes.

I don't know why, but this is just not fun for them. However, I have a suggestion. Find a good photographer that will do some outdoor shots, dress your kids comfortably, blue jeans and white shirts is always a winning combination and go outside for your family portrait. It will spice things up, the kids will have a great time and when your picture is outside, it is not nearly as important that your little girls hair is perfect or that your youngest boy doesn't have dirt on his knees, which he is an expert at finding inside or out.

My suggestion for a great photographer in the area is Gallery Photography, they do some awesome pictures and they both have an amazing eye for the extraordinary.

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