Friday, August 24, 2007

Wendover or Home

Do you ever go to Wendover? I do a lot, at least once a year as my husbands company takes us yearly as one of their company parties. Unfortunately, this year, I may be staying home due to my new training with Continental Airlines. I am really bummed as I have been planning for some time, saving my change and just in general, getting ready to go.

Usually when we are down there I spent most of my time playing the slots. I have gotten into playing Roulette lately and have played the Blackjack Tables once or twice. I have never played the poker tables or Craps. I know nothing about Craps and I would rather play poker at home.

But I am really bummed out that this year I will have to miss it due to training, however, training does take precedence. What can I say, priorities. Making money over losing it.

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