Thursday, August 2, 2007

When Is It Time For New Furniture?

Unfortunately this is not a question that I find myself qualified to answer. The reason being I have NO new furniture. My children are still very young and have the innate ability to destroy anything within a 100 foot radius just by looking at it.

All of my furniture in my house is hand me downs, yet even the nice couch my mother gave me has a lovely little V-shaped hole in it, courtesy of my 3 year old and her brand new pair of scissors.

The bad part is I would really love new furniture! I was looking Century furniture today and drooling over the beautiful selection they have and picturing my home in a whole new light. Then, of course, reality hits me square in the face again as I hear Jayce yell down the stairs "Mommy, Sarah spilled her Chocolate Milk in the livingroom again!"

I completely understand the people that have every piece of furniture covered in plastic. They had a 3 year old in the house once! I am sure of it!

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