Monday, August 13, 2007

Great Daddy-Dayghter Date Night

When was the last time you planned a Mommy-Daughter Night? When was the last time you helped your husband plan a Daddy-Daughter night for him and his girl? As girls mature and grow up from Daddy's Little Princess to a full blown Teenager it becomes increasingly important to schedule time that both of you set aside just for her.

Now is a great time to get started! There is an adorable new movie coming out called "Eye of the Dolphin". It is a richly realized tale of love, spirituality, and redemption that crosses generations, cultures, and even species and was written by 3 time Emmy winner Wendell Morris.

The story line is rather modern day but set in the Bahamas, any girls dream world. "Expelled from high school in Los Angeles, 15 year old Alyssa (Schroeder) is forced to live with her father, a crusty dolphin research scientist Hawk (Dunbar) in the Bahamas who has no time in his life for an unruly teenager. After their personalities clash Alyssa feels like a prisoner on the isolated island -- but when she forms an unexpected friendship with an orphaned wild dolphin, she finds that she and her special friend have the power to bring hope to the impoverished people of her new home."

You can Win Free Movie Tickets to see Eye of the Dolphin by clicking on the link.

Girls Life says: "I give it a 'A' for Ah-dor-a-ble. Carly is totally believable. The beautiful water, pristine beaches and amazing animals in the film are pretty powerful"

And Teen Magazine suggests: "This fantastic film is in theaters this summer. Do yourself a favor and see it."

You can see the trailer for yourself on

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