Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Most Beautiful Gift

I just had one of my wedding pictures made into a 16x20 inch canvas print to go in my entryway. Currently there is a picture of tools the Lee's mother cross stitched for him, years and years ago. Not that I don't love the picture she cross stitched, I just decided that it was time for something a little fancier. To give you an idea, here is a picture of what you would normally see walking into our home.
Not terribly fancy. So I sent my picture into Canvas on Demand and ordered my canvas. Which was an experience in and of itself! They have so many options to choose from and so many different and fun techniques that they can do to make your canvas a one in a million, gift of a lifetime. But, I have to tell you, beyond their many, many options, this is, by far, over and above, the best company, online or other wise, that I have ever done business with. Never, in all my business dealings have I ever come across a company that is so customer service oriented. Not that I didn't really, really care about my canvas, quite the contrary actually. It is an anniversary gift for my husband and I, so it was really important to me. But I swear, they cared more about it than even I did! They take so much pride in their workmanship and their craft that they work constantly to make it right. I sent over a scan of the print and it was not of a high enough quality to enlarge that much. So they called me to let me know and while I was on the phone with him, he e-mailed me the address that I could send the photo to and they would scan it for me, make it into a canvas and send it with the canvas to me.

Now, I am incredibly slow in getting things in the mail. I am just horrible at it. I had already taken care of the payment to this company so in all reality, they could have just forgotten about me and taken care of me when I got around to sending the photo. But instead, the fussed and worried over me. E-mailing me every once in awhile to make sure I was doing alright and see if they could help in anyway. They were so kind and helpful and interested in my product as much as my business. Something you seldom ever get from any other company. They just kept in constant contact.

So, I finally got the photo into the mail and three days later I got an e-mail confirming receipt of my photo. Now this might now seem a big thing to some people, but to me it was huge! I have only the one copy of that photo, it is a wedding photograph and the negatives were ruined in the rain. I was very, very nervous sending that print through the mail. Anything could have happened to it and it would be a total and complete loss. Especially since, as I was making it into a 16x20" canvas, it was my favorite! They were so thoughtful to make sure I knew that they had received it safe and sound.

Then just a few short days later I received another e-mail. This one with a tracking number confirming the shipment of my canvas to me. And just today I received it via FeDex as promised. I can not believe how incredibly beautiful it is! It actually made me cry, but then I am a big baby after all, but it was just so amazing to see my favorite wedding picture in full color and large as life. I just could not wait to get it hung up! So I got right to work, removing the other picture and hanging and straightening this one. So now, when my husband arrives home from work he will walk into more than just our home, he will be able to walk into a memory.
If you are looking for an amazing anniversary, birthday or celebration gift of any kind, for your parents, family or friends, I highly suggest that you look to these guys first. You can never go wrong with a beautiful canvas print of their favorite photo. It would be perfect for the new baby or wedding anniversary or graduation. These are special occasions and this would make a lasting and memorable gift. Just be forewarned, they have lots of options to choose from. Everything imaginable to make your memories last a lifetime. Please give them a try. You will not be sorry you did!

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