Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Win A Beautiful Quartz Watch!

Okay ladies, and gentlemen, do you want to win a beautiful quartz watch from Fellin Jewelers? Of course you do! Imaging, a gorgeous quartz, gold plate or two-tone steel watch, resting lightly on your arm, the gold color warming the reflected light. Why would you not want to try to win such an expensive gift?

The catch. Good reason, but in this case the catch is simple. All you have to do is write a blog post on your blog mentioning this contest and linking to with the anchor text "college graduation gifts" and select two products from Ivy Covered Halls to link to on your blog, post it and send the url link of your post and your name to

It really is that simple and easy. Then on the 30th of September, they will pool all the entries and pull one out of a hat to win either a men's or woman's $195, gorgeous quartz watch! If you don't need one for yourself imagine how great it would look on the arm of your husband or wife! It's so easy to enter, you have no excuse not to!

Of course, it would not hurt to take a look around the sites while your there, I am sure you can find plenty of < ahref="">great gifts for loved ones while you are at it.

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