Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Every Baby Should Be A Slingling!

I absolutely love these slings and I wish I had had one when my kids were babies! I just got one the other day to give to a friend who is due in September and i just love it! The colors are totally trendy, bright and fashionable and the fabric is strong and durable. Look at how bright and trendy it is!

I love that is it light weight and small enough to take anywhere and yet comfortable to wear. Yes, I just had to play with it a bit before I gave it on. I always had one of those awkward baby packs, which worked well enough, but was bulky and time consuming to set up and really hard to put the baby in. Not to mention, it never did work very well for the newborns.

I just love the way that these baby slings allow you to hold your baby close to you so they can hear your heart beat and feel that closeness that they need and yet it allows your hand to be free to function. It's a great way to soothe your fussy baby without having to constantly stop what you are doing. In this busy world, that is always a plus!

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