Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Update On Sparetime Summer Fun League

I just wanted to update everyone on our summer bowling league experience. This year I let my 11 year old, my two 8 year olds and my 5 year old bowl. This got really crazy at times as they were on three different teams and usually spread all across the bowling alley. However, my 11 year old needed no supervision at all as he bowls the regular fall leagues as well. But for the first few weeks my 8 year olds required a little supervision and my five year old constant supervision. But as we were bowling on teams with their cousins I was able to share the supervision duties with my sister-in-law and when all was said and done, everything ended up working out very well. The kids had a blast and it was a great experience.

As today was the last day of the league, they made a bit of a party out of it. They started off the bowling by handing out trophies to every bowler. And along with the trophy, each bowler got a ticket to the Raptors game, 1 free miniature golfing pass each month for 1 year and $120 in Spondoolies which are $5 coupons that they can spend anywhere in Sparetime including the miniature golf, batting cages, bowling alley, arcade, sports shops and cafe. So I spent $30 per child for them to bowl all summer long, they could bowl three free games any day, all summer long, plus their three league games each week, then they also got 1 free batting cage token every day of the league and once the league was over they got all the free stuff I just told you about. For the $30 I got well more than my money's worth and the kids had a great time.

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