Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's Your Story?

I am a scrapbooker in every sense of the word. I have more supplies than I can find or will ever need in a lifetime, mostly because they were cute. I spend hours on end each and every month scrapbooking alone or with friends and family. And all in all I am no where near "done".

However, all of that being said, I have always shied away from the digital world of scrapbooking. A) because my printers have never been up to par and B) it just felt wrong! What is scrapbooking with out cutting, pasting and embellishments? It's just not the same if the embellishments are only 2 dimensional.

But I have to admit, I have been turned to the Digital Darkside! At a fair I stopped by a booth and started talking to a lady named Heidi Wheatly. While my children and husband looked at the toys in the next booth, I chatted with her and flipped through some of the displays she had. I wasn't completely sold at first, but I had started talking to her so I felt I owed her the time to sell me on her product. I booked a show with her, because I love the in home parties. She explained that by hosting a party, I get a 5"x7" book for free if it is done and delivered by party time. So I gave her my information and went on my way.

Later that week I received an e-mail from her with the information I needed to start my own Heritage Makers story book. Once I got in, I quickly found that I needed to upgrade to a $10 membership to achieve the results I was looking for. I asked my sister to write up a name poem for my little Sarah which she did very quickly and I started putting together a book for Sarah. Well, I quickly became completely and totally converted. I LOVED IT! I have never had so much fun. I could spend hours on end on my computer, arranging and adding details and changing my pages until they were exactly what I was looking for.

Side note: I was no where near done come time to submit it for publishing and manufacturing. I was having WAY too much fun!

Well, I finally got it done and sent off my order for my book. I had to put expedited shipping to make sure it got here in time for the party as it can take up to 15 days to manufacture and publish. Well within 8 days my book was delivered to my doorstep. It was Christmas in August! The book was absolutely beautifully bound and printed. Although I had spent the last 4 weeks or more on it, spending hours at a time staring at it on the computer screen, nothing quite compared to seeing it printed and bound and holding it in my hands. This will be a beautiful memory book for my daughter for years to come. The quality is top notch and there is just nothing that can beat a personalized, hard back, library bound book for your child. And I am not talking about their name being mentioned within a story that has nothing to do with them. This is a hard backed memory book that is ALL about them.

I can not wait to get started on my other children's books and then I think I will work on my wedding album. Check out Heidi's website and see for yourself what fun this can be. And seriously consider hosting your own party and getting your own 5"x7" book for free. That's just for hosting the party, your party sales and bookings can add up to even more free books. There are so many great ideas for books and Heidi is great at helping you get started. Give her a call, you will not regret it!

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