Thursday, August 9, 2007

Everybody's Doing It

Now a days, it seems, every one is getting some kind of plastic surgery. Face lift, boob job or tummy tuck, you name it, some one is getting it done. Especially the celebrities! The celebrity plastic surgery is out of this world! I do not think that there is a celeb around any more that has not had something done. To them, Botox is like candy!

I think it all centers on a humans nature to fear the aging process. Even people that are prepared to die, fear the aging process. We have all seen the elderly woman that can not feed herself or the little old grandpa that can no longer walk and that frightens us.

From that fear is born a need to define ones self as young. There for if you are a California plastic surgeon then you have a one way ticket to fame and fortune as the actors and actresses in Hollywood age along their path to fame and fortune.

And as much as we would like to think that we are on the fore front of this technology, I think we will be sadly mistaken. The French are way ahead of us when it comes to matters of appearance. They have long been known for their flawless looks and I just do not see that about to change anytime soon.

But as plastic surgery becomes ever increasingly popular, the prices get lower and the techniques fancier. Any more it is like walking into a spa rather than a doctors office to get the work done and the techniques are plentiful. Everything from a simple removal of under eye bags to a complete new person.

I have heard the sayings over and over again... "no pain, no gain" and "beauty hurts". Myself however, I think it will hurt me a lot less to just learn to accept the body God gave me and leave the plastic surgery to the celebrities and people much braver than myself.

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