Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Is Your Home "Family Friendly"?

I noticed the other day that my home is not at all friendly to my family. When I say this I mean that there was not a single room in my home that was set up to accommodate my entire family with the exception of the dining room. This, I saw as a problem. It's no wonder we were not spending as much time together as I would have liked! The family room had only enough seats for a few of us, the living room no where near enough, even the patio set was not large enough.

So I decided that I needed to change that. I picked up another couch for the living room and set up home theater seating in the family room. Now we can all sit together in the living room and read or in the family room and watch a movie or play a game.

I just can't imagine how we spent the last 5 years in this house without the new additions. It surprises me that we ever got together as a family at all!

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